James Griffiths Personal Training

Transformation Challenge

Welcome to the cover transformation challenge, over the next 12 weeks I will take you through the most amazing body transformation. A shaped and sculpted physique is right around the corner and results you couldn’t believe will be yours:

No more hiding away by the pool, worrying about what you look like, shaped arms, legs and chiselled abs will have you the envy of the pool side!

Over the next 12 weeks we will go through a journey of transformation, firstly in Phase 1 is where we build the shape, here you will add shape to your arms, chest, shoulder, back, abs and legs over 6 weeks like never before. It is here where the end results are forged and you will just be phase 2 away from the body of your dreams.

Finally in phase 2 we will move into 6 weeks of focused fat burning where you will uncover the physique you have build over the previous two phases. As the body fat comes down through nutrition and macronutrient coaching and adjustments, you will reveal the amazing definition of your shaped arms, shoulder, chest, back, legs and abs. Cardio will be added in the form of HIIT and steady state to help accelerate your fat loss for the most amazing results.

All the while I will be right here with you guiding you through your program and helping you with your nutrition so you can enjoy the foods you love, meals out with friends and social occasions while still smashing your fat loss goals!

So are you ready for the next 12 weeks?
To change your life and physique for ever?

If yes then…

Lets get started!!!!!